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I consider myself somewhat different to your typical athlete. I started into the world of off-road triathlon in my 30’s as a way to conquer my fear of water. I never set out to be a World Champion, but I have my fear to thank for my achievement. My goal was to compete in a minor triathlon. What followed from that was far more than I ever believed to be possible.

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Children
    An 9 year old boy and 7 year old girl
  • Coach
    Merryn Johnston, Peak Endurance
  • Strength and run coach
    Val Burke, Peak Endurance
  • Swim coach
    Tim Brazier, Fitter
  • Biggest challenge
    Open water swimming
  • Business Owner
  • Occupation
    Resource Consents Planner/Design Coordinator


Xterra World Championships, Maui

October 28 2018

Off-road triathlon
See website

Xterra Taiwan

30 September 2018

Off-road triathlon
See website

The Ruby

26 January 2019

Open water swim
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Breca Bay of Islands

13 April 2019

Breca swim run
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Xterra Asia- Pacific 2018 Tour


4th Female Overall Professional

Xterra Albay, Philippines

17 June 2018

5th Professional

Xterra Tahiti

11 May 2018

6th Professional

Asia Pacific Championship, Philippines

22 April 2018

5th Professional

Xterra World Champs, Maui

29 October 2017

World Champion Age Group

ITU Cross-Tri World Champs, Penticton

23 August 2017

2nd Age Group, 4th Overall Female

Xterra New Zealand, Rotorua

08 April 2017

1st Age Group

Xterra Motatapu, Wanaka

04 March 2017

1st Age Group

Challenge Wanaka Half, Wanaka

18 February 2017

2nd Women’s Team

Red Bull Defiance, Wanaka

14/15 January 2017

2nd Elite Female


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Goal Completed!

Andy did it, he completed the 2.5km swim around Ruby Island! Conditions weren’t favourable with wind creating choppy white capped waves. The brave Andy continued on when others would have given up and I am very proud of him for finishing. Below is a post-race overview written by Andy. The Ruby 2019 I’d been looking […]

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Less than 1 week to go!

With less than 1 week to go until our 2.5km swim challenge ‘The Ruby’, we are tracking well towards making our goal of completing the event. Andy has been putting a lot of effort into gettinghimself into the lake as often as he can and with a variety of people. This hashelped his familiarity with […]

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Cold water shutdown

Everyone deals with swimming in cold temperatures differently, so it seems. It depends on a number of factors, one of which is the amount of body fat a person has. Being on the leaner side my body tends to shut down when the water temperatures are low. For me this firstly results in my fingers […]

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It’s all in the head

Our journey has been continuing on towards our goal of swimming The Ruby, a 2.5 km swim around Ruby island, Lake Wanaka in January 2019. Up until now Andy and I have ticked off a number of important milestones. We have discovered together just how buoyant a triathlon wetsuit makes you in the pool (which […]

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Into the lake. Written by Andy Millard

Kristy had always pencilled in the start of November to introduce me to the lake. The spring weather however forgot that we were waiting for the lake to heat up a little. Although the water temperature did get up to about 15 degrees a couple of weeks ago, a cold snap and more snow melt […]

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The Joy of Wetsuits. Written by Andy Millard

One of the highlights in my swimming journey so far has been the pull buoy.  This handy little swimming aid acts like a comfort blanket for me, I feel relaxed when using it and can swim long (for me) distances without any real issues.  I still find once I need to leave the safety of […]

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Just Breathe

Last year I attended a wellness seminar where Emma Ferris from The Butterfly Effect was speaking. Emma gave an informative yet humorous talk on the power of the breath. When I was starting to think about the tools that could help Andy progress his swimming, Emma immediately came to mind. I contacted her and she […]

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The Big Challenge…. The Ruby

At the opening of the new Wanaka pool a couple of months ago, I was talking to Jamie Norman, a co-founder of The Ruby swim event that is held in Wanaka each year. I was telling him about what I was seeking to achieve with helping others to overcome their swim fear. His response to […]

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Meet Andy!

I originally met Andy at a running group session approximately 4 years ago. His super friendly, happy and encouraging nature made me instantly know that this is one of the amazing people in life. Andy has since then inspired me with his dedication and hard working character. He has always offered me positive words of […]

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How can I help others to overcome their fear of water?

The journey of overcoming my totally irrational but highly debilitating fear of water was one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life, but it has also been one of the most rewarding and empowering achievements of my life. I want to help, inspire and encourage other people to do the […]

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Empowerment Through Facing Your Fears

One of my main aims is to inspire others to face their fears and feel the empowerment that it brings. To continue to do that I need to keep challenging myself. I can’t inspire if I simply give it up after I become a World Champion. There is more to achieve.

This year I am offering up a mentoring program for someone in the Wanaka region who wants to face a fear much like mine. I am going to be working with them for around 4-6 months in a number of facets including but not limited to, training, nutrition, goal setting, breathing and psychology so that they can compete in an event much like I did a few years back. I will be holding their hand along the way and likely learning a lot of new stuff too. We will be doing regular video blogs and public talks along the way and also at completion to see if we have achieved our goals.

“I believe that barriers in life are to be challenged and eventually broken. I would encourage anyone to tackle their fears and feel the empowering rewards of smashing that barrier down.”

Overall Goal

To show others what can be achieved if you set your mind to it and for them to see that lots of small steps and a good attitude is all it takes to get the massive rewards of facing their fears.

Personal Goal

To enable someone to achieve what I have in terms of facing their fears and to teach and inspire others along the way. To help them like others helped me, but for me to take them through the whole process. I had to muddle along not really knowing who to turn to or what the next step should be. I am hoping to learn a lot more about myself during the journey as well.


I am looking for someone who has a fear much like mine. They need to be committed, dedicated and have a good overall attitude.

Firstly, we will choose a goal this could be the Ruby Swim for example. We will then make a plan as to how we will achieve this. Some of the things we might look at along the way are:

  • Visualisation
  • Psychology
  • Nutrition both race and general
  • Breathing techniques
  • Body i.e. fitness, strength, stretching, yoga etc
  • Gear and clothing choices
  • Race planning

Once the day arrives I will race with them side by side and we will reach our goals together.


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